Packing Tips You"ll Ever Need

Whether you hire a moving company or not, you can save a lot of time and stress on the date of relocation if you have packed properly. The risk of something breaking apart if your friends are carrying and carrying and packing the car also diminishes significantly. Here are tips that will make your move go smoothly.

  • Pack all that goes in flyers, and use proper cartons! See our instructional video for folding a moving carton.
  • Empty all storage furniture such as lockers, bureaus, and wardrobes. Because they will not be worn as they stand on the ground, it"s not good to have things in them.
  • Fix solid drawers and cabinet doors unless they are removed/removed. This is best done with plastic film instead of tape that can leave marks and tear off color.
  • Pack clothes that should be hung in wardrobe cartons. Boxes for the purpose are best purchased from a moving company.
  • Assemble any furniture mounted in the apartment/house and may be too large to get out of one piece. If you move to a villa, townhouse or floor apartment and need to take things upstairs, such as beds and wardrobes, it may be good to check in advance if this is possible.
  • Tape or squeeze curtains and other long-tapered things together.
  • Pack the boards with corrugated cardboard to protect the canvas and frame.
  • Roll up mattresses and tie them together or pull over bags to keep them together.
  • Remove the glass from the microwave and pack it with plates and other kitchenware.
  • Remove lampshades from luminaires and remove bulbs from sockets. Wrap the light bulbs in cardboard instead.
  • Also, consider protecting surfaces in your old and above all new homes. Roll out and tape substantial protective paper on sensitive floors, install a shelter in the elevator if necessary and protection on other areas at risk, such as the wall of a razor staircase.

How To Pack And Unpack When Moving House

Moving house is chaotic, imagine packing all your lifelong belongings in boxes. After that, take them to another house where you have to get them out of the boxes and arrange the house. It will be an exhausting week.

To make tasks easier and you can take a well-deserved rest at night follow the tips below:

Prepare what you will pack

Before packing for a move from one house to another, ask for everything you"re packing. Do you need it, use it, like it? If you have not used that item or brought it out of the box in 6 months, do not take it!

Make an Inventory

One of the best tips when moving is to mark each box to pack and keep a list of everything you are going to load in the moving truck and cars. Everything out of your house should be on the list and make sure everything that comes to your new home is what you"re expecting.

Set your priorities

Each person does tasks. Differently, some do everything in one day, and others are taking things slowly. Whatever method you do, separate the boxes and bags according to their priorities. Remember to bring things such as bath, essential items, and valuables with you.

Unpack for one room at a time

Unpack room by room. Start from the kitchen, then the living room and so on. Your house will gradually take shape, and you will feel less overwhelmed. If you take it all at once, and then you try to order it you will feel overwhelmed with a lot of mess.

Make a to-do list

Just as you have your inventory for your things, make a list of outstanding tasks in your new house. This will make do things in order. You will also complete tasks based on their priorities such as calling the locksmith, gardener, change a light bulb, painting a room, etc.

Do not buy new things yet

A new space needs new things and decorations. However, don’t buy things impulsively. Wait for all your things to arrive and unpacked before buying something new.

Dispose of unnecessary boxes

Once you"ve removed everything from the boxes, throw them or give them away. Nothing overwhelms much as having accumulated waste in your new space.

Ask for help

The moving day is much less stressful and much more fun if you are accompanied by your friends or people who make you laugh. Ask for help and invite them for dinner at the end of the day, it will be much lighter.

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